Espinaler Classic Line at Michelin Star restaurant, Casa Mono/Bar Jamon.

"When it comes to seafood, we as chefs are always looking for the freshest and tastiest products right out of the ocean.  Lucky for us, the Spaniards are one step ahead, taking their most exquisite clams, mussels, shrimp, tuna, octopus, sardines, anchovies, etc and conserving them right out of the water in attractive tins whose flavor reminds you of the Iberian seaside with every bite.”

- Anthony Sasso, Executive Chef, Casa Mono/Bar Jamon & La Sirena, New York, NY


Espinaler Classic Line at Bar Vivant.
I love serving Espinaler conservas at Bar Vivant because the quality is so great they don't need further preparation. We just open the can drizzle with some Spanish olive oil and serve with bread.  Simple and delicious. I also enjoy the diversity of the product line - have you ever had Langostillos? You should! I can't wait to visit their Barcelona bar this Fall and enjoy these products with the neighborhood and a of couple vermouths."

 - Cheryl Wakerhauser, Owner of Bar Vivant, Portland, OR



Espinaler Classic Line at Michelin Bib Gourmand Award winner, Donostia.

"We waited years for the opportunity to use this incredible product which is the best we found in Spain."

"It's consistently of the very highest quality and yet such an incredible value for this level of sustainable seafood."

- Owners of Donostia, New York, NY