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Ondarrea Foods

We formed Ondarrea Foods to bridge the gap between the highest caliber food producers in Spain and the availability of their products in the U.S. As restaurant owners who were never completely satisfied with the selection of Spanish food goods in the U.S. market we sought to change that by directly bringing in the products we most coveted.  Starting with the acclaimed Espinaler conservas was an organic evolution of Donostia, our Basque taverna in the East Village of New York City, where we serve traditional pintxos, with a special focus on conservas. 

Espinaler has earned its international reputation by offering some of the very best seafood in the world – tinned to not only preserve its straight-from-the-sea freshness and expressive taste of place, but to gain a singular complexity from the melding of fats, protein and briny juices that takes place in the can naturally over time. After personally selecting the finest seafood, harvested from some of Spain’s very best waters, the fish and shellfish are canned by hand and preserved in olive oil, escabeche or brine to protect the integrity of the product, and offer a unique and elevated seafood dining experience. 

Ondarrea translates to “heritage” in the Basque language of Euskera. It’s the key component we look for when choosing our importing partners as it seems to go hand in hand with the finest quality products in the market. The products we offer speak for themselves as far as quality and merit. The fact that their producers have been making them for generations with the same age old techniques, is what consistently impresses us and inspires us to create a legacy of our own one day.


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